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Paraplegic Puppy Enjoys Rain Thanks to Devoted Owner’s Love and Care

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Agea Santos of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, is a devoted pet owner who goes above and beyond to care for her furry companion, Alvin. Alvin, a paraplegic puppy, suffered a stroke and can no longer stand up or walk like before. However, Santos is determined to ensure that Alvin continues to enjoy life to the fullest, despite his mobility challenges.

One of Alvin’s favorite pastimes was playing in the rain and feeling the water flow over him. Despite Alvin’s inability to walk or stand, Santos carries him in her arms so that he can experience the joy of the rain once again. Santos posted a video on her Instagram account, showcasing the heartwarming moment when Alvin falls to the ground while walking, and she quickly picks him up, so he can continue to enjoy the rain.

Santos’s devotion to Alvin is truly inspiring. She emphasizes the importance of taking care of pets and providing them with love and attention, especially when they are facing health challenges. Santos encourages pet owners to cherish their furry companions and enjoy their time with them before they become old or sick.

While Alvin may face mobility challenges, Santos is determined to help him in his recovery. Alvin is currently undergoing physiotherapy and acupuncture, and he is slowly relearning how to walk. Santos’s love and dedication to Alvin are truly admirable, and her story serves as a reminder of the special bond between pets and their human companions.

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