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Guy Fieri Shared The Sad News That His Canine, Cowboy, Has Died

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Guy Fieri, a celebrity chef who is well-known for appearing in many popular shows on the Food Network (including Diners, Drive-ins & Dives and Guy’s Grocery Games), has taken to Twitter to share some super sad family news.

On Saturday, January 22nd, the day before his birthday, the long-time animal lover and doggie dad publicly announced that his canine, Cowboy, had died.

Anyone who has had the honor of bonding with an incredible canine companion can empathize with him and his entire family’s pain.

“Today is the saddest day in the Fieri family. We lost our COWBOY today. He was one-of-a-kind and brought so much love and energy to our family,” read his heartfelt post to Twitter.

Once he made his announcement, quite a few fans, friends, and fellow celebrities commented on his tweet with their condolences. John O’Hurly, actor and Host of Philadelphia’s National Dog Show said, “The O’Hurley’s share your sadness. It is the loss of innocence. May God celebrate him Home.” And Mark Hamill, or Luke from the Star Wars franchise, commented with a broken heart emoji.

Lots of puppy pictures and sweet Shepherd faces flooded in under his post. Plenty of people from all over the internet were quick to send words of comfort. Along with his loving words, Guy posted a beautiful photo of Cowboy (shared above). Cowboy looked like he was such a good boy, and from the sound of Guy’s tweet, he was a beloved family member.

Guy is a long-time animal-lover and in the past, he has shared heartfelt posts on Instagram and Twitter when one of his dogs crosses the rainbow bridge or when he has added a new canine companion to his pack. He has also been known to travel with and have a canine come with him while working on the set of Guy’s Grocery Games.

Dogs are more than pets, they’re family. And, despite getting into the tv biz, Guy has always been keen to keep family his priority.

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“Family is always the first priority. Most of my friends will [say] I haven’t changed. I think it’s because when I got into television, I’d already done what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a great dad,” said Guy in a recent interview.

Along with Guy and his wife Lori, his two sons and the nephew he raised after his sister passed away are all mourning the loss of Cowboy. Rest in peace, sweet pup.

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