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Hunter Gave Up On His Paralyzed Dog So They Swore To Do The Opposite

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An unfortunate incident happened when a hunter abandoned one of his dogs named Avellana after she became paralyzed, leaving her frightened and unable to move. Fortunately, the Spanish rescue group Galgos del Sol came to her rescue, committing to rehabilitate her and get her back on her feet.

Despite her condition, Avellana never gave up, showing a resilient spirit and wagging her tail in appreciation of the volunteers’ efforts. The rescue group employed various techniques such as exercise balls, special mats, and pushcarts to stimulate her body and help her stand. Their motivation and encouragement gave Avellana the strength and determination to stand on her own again.

During her recovery, Avellana watched other rescue dogs play and longed to join them. Her rescuers’ constant cheering on and motivation spurred her on to keep going. When she finally stood on her own, the rescuers were overjoyed, jumping up and down with happiness.

We are thankful to Galgos del Sol for their commitment and dedication to Avellana’s recovery. By never giving up on her, they have given her a second chance at life. Scroll down to watch her inspirational journey and witness the miracle of her recovery.

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