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Shelter Dog Who Walked With Her Head Lowered & Tail Tucked Gets A Second Chance

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Living with any kind of debilitating illness or tragedy can be heartbreaking, but losing the will to live is perhaps one of the most devastating experiences a living soul can endure. This was exactly how Dora felt when she first crossed paths with rescuers from “Howl Of A Dog.” After being plucked off the streets and relocated to a public pound, her dimmed outlook on life made it evident that all hope had been lost for this poor pup.

As if the life Dora had led before was some kind of secret, she exhibited no enthusiasm for spending time with anyone or participating in activities. Her gaze bore a deep melancholy as though any understanding she may have once possessed about what life meant to her had been wholly forgotten, and her slouchy form seemed to shrink ever smaller in an effort to escape attention.

She would hang her head in humiliation, walk with a bowed back, and keep her tail tucked between her legs; an indication of everlasting remorse.

Source (Screenshot) credit: Howl of A Dog – YouTube

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Howl Of A Dog stepped in to save Dora from her dire state, finding her underweight and with multiple skin illnesses. Yet even after arriving at the shelter, Dora continued to suffer from an extreme depression that was unfathomable for those caring for her; even a single touch sent her crumbling into despair.

Source (Screenshot) credit: Howl of A Dog – YouTube

Despite her initial despondent outlook, the workers never gave up. They continued to show their love and care for Dora until eventually, after two weeks of patience, she began to accept that life was in fact improving. With plenty of play-dates with other dogs and frequent trips out, Dora’s perspective on life slowly shifted from one lacking positivity into a much more optimistic way of thinking!

Source (Screenshot) credit: Howl of A Dog – YouTube

Witnessing Dora’s transformation is truly one of the most heartwarming things ever! From a shut-down pup to an enthusiastic lover of life, we can’t help but admire her journey and celebrate as she found her forever home with a loving family from England. Her new parents lavish her with love and affection, while her Labrador sibling looks out for her like they were siblings all along – it warms our hearts seeing this sweet girl blossoming! We are beyond thrilled that dreams do come true!

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Unlock the secrets of Dora’s soul by pressing play on the video below and witnessing her journey as she rediscovers how to live life again.

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