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Doggie Dad Said He Was Willing To Sell His House To Keep His Precious Babygirl Alive

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Anyone who has ever experienced a veterinary emergency with their beloved, four-legged best friend knows both how expensive and how gut-wrenching the entire experience feels.

So when one doggie dad faced veterinary bills totaling just shy of $24,000, he said he was willing to go to extraordinary measures to keep his baby girl alive.

Jaxon is the dad of a two-year-old Weimaraner named Rambo. For reasons that are still unknown, Rambo went into hypovolemic shock, which means her heart was unable to pump blood to the rest of her body. Not only that, but she also developed gastroenteritis, or a stomach flu.

“She began vomiting throughout the night over 30 times and by Saturday morning we were in the emergency vets,” said Rambo’s dad.

As you may have expected, this caused her health to decline rapidly, and they weren’t sure how long she’d have to stay in emergency care. On top of hypovolemic shock and tummy trouble, fluids started dripping into her lungs, and she developed pneumonia. One of her lungs even collapsed.

Being at the emergency vet under 24/7 observation is essentially what saved her life but it cost approximately £1000 ($1200 USD) per day to be in their care. Rambo’s insurance would cover her up to £6500 ($7,800), but her bill was already around £11,500 ($13,800) after only a single week in their care.

So Jaxon created a gofundme page to try to raise funds for Rambo’s lifesaving care. He even said that he was willing to ‘sell his house.’

“If the worst happens and Rambo requires major surgery, the cost of this as well as the aftercare is something I need to be able to give my little baby girl,” said Jaxon.

Her dad became so worried that he started sleeping in his car that he parked near the vet, so that he wouldn’t be too far from his precious baby girl. But not only did more than 600 people donate, with the total raised currently surpassing £10,000 ($12,000), Rambo responded to less invasive treatments, and they were able to avoid surgery altogether.

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“My little angel is by no means all better, it will be a long road to recovery for her and she still requires 24/7 observation at this point along with a significant amount of medication. However, we did what we said we would, we came home,” said Jaxon.

Thanks to all the love, support, and superior care, Rambo started to make a miraculous recovery. After two long weeks, she was finally able to leave the hospital and head home with her devoted dad.

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