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Nurse stops to rescue dog running down freeway: ‘lucky to be alive’

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In a harrowing event on Friday, a dog was discovered running down the 5 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley, in danger of getting hit by a vehicle. Despite efforts from bystanders to help the distressed animal, it kept running away from them.

Luckily, Amber Streid, a cardiac nurse, knew just what to do. She decided to stay in her car until the right moment to act. When the opportunity arose, she opened the door of her vehicle and the dog jumped right inside.

Amber’s fellow drivers were pleased to see that someone had finally caught the loose, frightened dog. The nurse then contacted her mobile veterinarian, John Winter, to come to examine the dog’s condition. Fortunately, the dog only had minor injuries to her paws.

Amber took the dog home to care for her, despite the lack of a microchip. She was determined to find the dog’s owner and return her to the right home.

Eventually, the dog, whose real name is Pretty, was reunited with her owner, who mentioned that the family was moving when the dog got lost. He expressed his gratitude to Amber and the Streid family, stating that the dog trusted the nurse to help her.

The vet who checked the dog also added that Pretty was someone’s pet, and he believed that she was well-fed.

Thanks to the actions of Amber and other concerned individuals, the dog was saved from a perilous situation and is now back in the comfort of her home.

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