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Puppy Who Was Left For Dead After A Botched Neutering Finally Finds A Loving Home

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A small blue pit bull puppy was discovered in a Detroit park after someone attempted to perform a neuter procedure on their own. The procedure failed, leaving the poor pup in a dire condition and abandoned.

Fortunately, Detroit Dog Rescue came to the rescue and provided the necessary medical attention to the puppy. Upon examination, it was revealed that the puppy was in intense pain and had a hole in its abdomen, with its reproductive organs spilling out. Additionally, it was suspected that the puppy may have been abused and tossed from a vehicle prior to its discovery.

However, after just five weeks of treatment and care, the puppy, now named Chandler, had made a full recovery under the care of Oakland Veterinary. Chandler was then referred to a suitable forever home and was adopted by a loving couple in Hazel Park who also volunteered with Detroit Dog Rescue. The couple already had a big dog sibling for Chandler to play with.

Chandler, who is now three months old, is recovering well and is expected to live a long and healthy life. He is energetic, loves to go for walks and is highly active, just like any other puppy. His new parents are an active couple who enjoy the outdoors, making them the perfect fit for Chandler’s energetic nature.

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