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Neglected Dog Hid In Corner For 6 Years Until Someone Showed Her Love

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When rescuers met Ducky, the poor pup had the most fearful eyes they’d ever seen. But Ducky’s fear was justified because she had been hiding in the same corner of a house for about six years. She was one of 20 animals in a hoarding situation. The poor animals were kept in a small room where they were never loved.

Poor Ducky was severely matted and frozen in place when rescuers arrived. Ducky had been described as “feral and needing to be put down,” but rescuers knew she deserved a chance. With proper care and love, the shy pup eventually came out of her shell and embraced her new life.

6 Years in a Corner

Sky Sanctuary Rescue in Scottsdale, Arizona, came to rescue the 20 pets from their neglectful home. The room was full of dogs with varying personalities, and the floor was covered in animal waste. Many of the dogs were very friendly, but Ducky was by far the most nervous. She scooted as far back into the corner of the room as she could.

“When I arrived and walked in the bedroom, I saw her in the corner and her little eyes just looking up at me for help,” said Elli, the rescue’s founder. “She stared into my soul and was like, ‘Please get me out of this place!’”

When Elli reached out to pet Ducky, the pup remained as stiff as possible. It was as if she didn’t know what it was like to be touched. Elli brought Ducky home with her and got her cleaned up. She shaved all the mats off her body and gave her a long overdue bath, and soon enough, Ducky looked and acted like a different dog.

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“As soon as we got those mats off, she really just kind of came to life,” Elli said.

Elli has four other female dogs, and Ducky warmed up to them right away. She seemed more comfortable around her foster siblings than she did around any humans, but Elli worked hard to gain her trust.

Embracing Her New Life

Even in her foster home, Ducky was still nervous and fearful, but the other dogs helped her gain confidence. With some love and training, Ducky slowly came out of her shell.

“Ducky’s personality has changed immensely since we first got her. I would say after three weeks of being in our care she found her voice,” Elli said. “She started to vocalize the things that she wanted and just playing and she became really goofy and she’s really just become such a happy girl with the other animals.”

Once Elli believed Ducky had enough confidence to thrive in a forever home, she prepared her for adoption. It didn’t take long for a great adopter to express interest in Ducky. A woman named Sheryl adopted Ducky and welcomed her into her pack of dogs. Ducky quickly adjusted to Sheryl’s home as if she’d always lived there.

“I can honestly say that I never thought that this day would come— not because I didn’t think someone would want Ducky, so many did, but because I didn’t think she would gain the confidence she needed to thrive in a typical home. I didn’t think that a dog that had been through so many years of negligence could come back like she has. I didn’t think I could ever trust another human being to keep her safe— but boy was I wrong,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

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Ducky continues to thrive in her forever home, all because humans didn’t give up on her.

Watch Ducky’s Journey Here:

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