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Dog’s Touching Gesture After Baby Becomes Fussy Is Impossible to Resist

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One of the best babysitters are dogs. They are highly consoling creatures with a protective streak. One woman’s dog stepped up and took care of the situation on his own when the baby had a small difficulty.

A video of a mother’s chocolate Labrador and infant daughter lying on the floor together was recently uploaded to TikTok by user @erindomin. The dog takes matters into his own hands and soothes down the mother’s fussy daughter. Watch the video to see how this endearing exchange played out!

@erindomin Its the gentle kiss at the end for me 🥹 #fyp #foryoupage #dogsoftiktok #babyanddog #babygirl #doglove ♬ Can We Kiss Forever? – Kina

Oh, this is so adorable! We adore how the dog comforted his sister with a few kisses, and she stopped whining right away. We have this video playing continuously because it is so captivating!

Commenters commended Labradors for having exceptional parenting instincts. There is no other dog we would prefer leave our kids with, as stated by @suew80 and @johnnydeppchest in their comments. “Labs are very amazing with kids. Best buddies together for life, and congratulations to you all.”

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