Dog rescued from shelter now rides in custom sidecar on owner’s motorcycle

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It’s always incredible when a shelter dog gets adopted. There’s nothing like seeing these dogs have their first taste of freedom and bond with their new owner.

Like one dog, who after getting adopted is living life in the fast lane, riding in his new owner’s motorcycle with her own custom sidecar.

According to WMUR, Michael Sexton of Manchester, New Hampshire adopted his rescue dog B.B. from Manchester Animal Shelter seven years ago.

Ever since then, the man and dog have had a very special and unique way of bonding: hitting the road in Michael’s motorcycle.

B.B. gets to ride shotgun with her own customized sidecar that is attached to her owner’s Harley Davidson bike. She even has her own protective goggles, which she has no problem wearing.

“After we got on the highway a couple of times, she knew she’d rather have them on,” the owner told WMUR.

Michael said that B.B. is the third shelter dog he has adopted, and all the rescues have gotten to be his copilot.

It’s always sweet to see pet owners go the extra mile to allow their dogs to take journeys with them: for example one man built a customized kayak so he could take his dogs out on the water.

But we’ve never seen anything quite like this. Riding along in her owner’s Harley, B.B. is one cool rescue dog.

This dog is definitely living her best life! What a cool idea!

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