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Military Dog Torn Away From Soldier Only To Hear Him Yell Her Name Two Years Later

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It’s so sweet to see military personnel bond with their service dogs — and it seems to happen a lot. However, what you may not know is that military personnel are actually given a warning when they’re paired with an animal: don’t get too attached, because this partnership won’t last forever.

It might be easy for them to smile and nod, but once they get to know their new partner, heeding that warning likely becomes extremely difficult. Remaining detached from a smart, dedicated dog who’s also super-cute and always by your side is a really tall order.

Sergeant Jason Bos was a soldier who went through that experience with his service dog, Cici.

Even soldiers with the best of intentions can still get attached to their furry comrades, especially since it can be lonely staying so far away from your family and friends at home. Dogs offer unconditional love, and our soldiers need that.

Bos and Cici became the best of friends during Bos’s tour of duty. Cici is a chocolate Labrador who helped Bos out in a variety of ways during his five years as her partner. Bos valued her company and her protection, and they relied on each other for so much.

However, it came time for Bos to say goodbye when he experienced a back injury.

When it comes time for a soldier to return home and part ways with a companion they’ve grown to deeply trust and rely on, it’s bound to be difficult.

This is the way things are in the military. It’s part of the package. While non-service members are keenly aware of the sacrifices our military makes, they aren’t always cognizant of how emotionally invested they become in what they do, and the gravity of the sacrifices they make.

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Bos and Cici spent hundreds of missions together. And then they had to part ways.

This is what makes the video below so heartwarming.

When Cici and Bos went their separate ways, Cici stayed on in the military. She was a bomb-sniffing dog and her skills were crucial. She remained on active duty until she was too old to continue.

That’s when Mission K9 Rescue and the Humane Society came together to reunite her and Bos.

These two are definitely soulmates, and it’s simple to see that they both missed each other! We hope that these two friends can stay together for as long as possible.

The reunion took place at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. Before you check out the clip, you may want to grab some tissues… we couldn’t make it through the clip without them!

Take a look!

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