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Adorable Puppy Hiccups For The First Time, Panics And Tries To Make It Go Away

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It is always a precious moment to experience a first with a pet. In this video, a clueless 8-week-old Heeler puppy named Buck has his first ever hiccup attack, and his precious reaction is so unique that we’re glad his owner decided to capture the moment on camera!

Source: Matthew Kennelly/YouTube

This short clip shows Buck comfortably seated in the car. Suddenly, we hear a harmless little hiccup. But Buck’s startled face clearly shows that he is not fine at all, as he tries to figure out the source of the strange sound!

Within seconds, out comes another hiccup, and now Buck is in full-on panic mode. The poor pup is scared out of his wits, but he still tries to growl at the air to make the invisible monster go away.

Source: Matthew Kennelly/YouTube

Little Buck even bites and barks at his own tummy, hoping to get rid of whatever that’s invaded his poor little body. It’s no surprise that Buck’s adorable reaction went viral, with over 18 million people watching and re-watching this cuteness. Buck sure knows how to bring smiles to our faces!

Click the video below to watch Buck trying to adorably scare away his hiccups!

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