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Dog Siblings Instantly Recognized Each Other After Being Long-Lost Littermates

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A man out for a walk with his Cockapoo, Monty, happened to run into another person out for a walk with their Cockapoo, named Rosie. Although this sounds like something that happens all the time to dog lovers, the encounter was far from ordinary.

The dogs happened to be littermates and no one knew except for Monty and Rosie. The adorable duo recognized each other right away and began to hug like two long-lost siblings.

Source: @libpincher/Twitter

It had been 10 months since the pups last saw each other and it was as if they picked up right where they left off.

The daughter of one of the Cockapoo owners shared images of the furry reunion on Twitter, and dog owners fell head over heels in love.

Source: @libpincher/Twitter

“They actually recognize each other, it’s fantastic,” @ATreispe tweeted.

One thing is for sure and that is Monty and Rosie never forgot the bond that formed from day one. We wish them both a happy life!

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