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Puppy Buried Alive on a Beach is Now Thriving with Foster Fail Family

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We told the shocking story of a puppy found buried alive on a Hawaiian beach earlier this year. Although the machete-wielding abuser has not been identified, this story has a very happy ending. We are thrilled to share that this spirited dog is living a happy and healthy life with the loving family who fostered her.

Image Lucky Leialoha/Instagram

Buried Alive by Machete-Wielding Abuser

In case you missed the original story, a passerby on a beach in Oahu, Hawaii spotted a machete-wielding man burying a puppy alive in broad daylight. He immediately contacted PAWS of Hawaii and the entire team showed up to rescue the suffering animal.

The poor thing was horribly sunburned, covered in sores, nearly bald, had cuts on her legs, and was in terrible condition. The pup, now named Leialoha, was rushed straight to Aloha Affordable Veterinary Services where she was looked over and cared for by veterinarians.

Foster Family Opens Their Home to Help Her Heal

Amanda Krasniewski and her husband are experienced foster dog parents. It all started when the couple was honeymooning on St. Croix. They noticed advertisements enlisting people to fly adoptable dogs to the mainland to increase their chances of finding forever homes. They visited the shelter during their trip.

The newlyweds wanted to bring a dog into their newly-formed family anyway so they figured they may as well adopt one from the shelter that was overcrowded in St. Croix. They picked out a puppy they named Mocha and flew her home with them.

Image Lucky Leialoha/Instagram

When Mocha was still a pup, the couple took in a stray Chow Mix that they named Bruce. Caring for these two rescue dogs impressed upon them the importance of rescuing and fostering. After relocating to Hawaii, the couple decided to become fosters with PAWS of Hawaii and have never looked back.

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Amanda told us that fostering “has been a wonderful way to save animals, while getting involved in the community.” Before Leialoha, the couple fostered 12 dogs. When Amanda saw the Facebook post about Leialoha from PAWS of Hawaii, she contacted the executive director immediately and offered to help.

A Fighter Who Would Make a Full Recovery

The first night was very difficult. She told us, “She smelled awful from being buried and her skin infections. She was very red and swollen. I tried to pick her up to move her from the travel kennel to a very large dog crate, but she cried. I honestly was not sure if she was going to make it through the night.”

Amanda was so relieved when she went to check on Leialoha. “The next morning I went to see her and she gave me a tiny tail wag. From that point on, I knew that she was a fighter and would make a full recovery.” Leialoha was underweight and exhausted and needed time to heal, but she had turned a corner and was on her way.

Image Lucky Leialoha/Instagram

From the Crate to the Coffee Table, Puppy Learned that She Was Safe

In the beginning, Leialoha only came out of her crate to go potty. Amanda and her husband spent a great deal of time hanging out near the kennel those first few days. Eventually, Leialoha felt comfortable enough to move from the crate to underneath the coffee table for naps.

Amanda and her husband gave Leialoha all the space and time she needed to heal and gain confidence. Within two weeks, she was acting like a typical puppy. Amanda told us, “She would play non-stop with one of our dogs, play fetch with my husband, and curl up next to me for a nap.”

Image Lucky Leialoha/Instagram

Adoption Falls Through and the Couple Foster Fails

Leialoha was going to be adopted by a family on the Big Island. Unfortunately, one of their dogs became seriously ill and they were unable to bring a new dog into their family during that time. The Krasniewskis were on vacation when the adoption fell through.

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Leialoha’s story had received a great deal of media attention at that point. After the family returned from vacation, Leialoha came back to their house and Amanda’s husband grew really attached to her. She told us, “We wanted to make sure that she went to her forever home and that someone did not want her just because she was “famous.” We decided that keeping her was the best decision.”

Image Lucky Leialoha/Instagram

Today, You’d Never Know that Someone Hurt Her

Thanks to the patient loving care of Amanda and her family, Leialoha is living a happy and healthy life. Amanda told us, “She is very high energy and wants to play all day long. She is also very vocal and demands your attention, haha. She is a really sweet girl though and loves everyone. You would have no idea that anyone had ever hurt her.”

Stories like Leialoha’s remind us that love conquers all! Our deep thanks go out to the Krasniewski family, PAWS of Hawaii, and everyone who donated to help write this very happy ending!

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