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Shelter staff give their longest-residing dog a standing ovation after he finally gets adopted

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Every shelter dog just wants to get adopted, but sadly it can take some longer than others to find their forever home. Some pets wait months or even years to get adopted.

Some dogs even end up with the sad distinction of being their shelter’s longest resident. But many shelters will work extra hard to finally find these dogs a home after seeing them passed over so many times.

And when that day finally arrives, it’s an occasion worth celebrating. That was the case for one dog, who got a special send-off after a long stay in the shelter.

Meet Big Mac:

Big Mac was surrendered to McKamey Animal Center last December. His owners were moving and said they didn’t have time for him.

The dog needed some time to adjust to his new surroundings. “It was very apparent that he didn’t trust everyone right away,” Lauren Mann, the shelter’s advancement manager, told The Dodo. “He did warm up with treats and when he was out of the kennel and in the play yard.”

But over time, Big Mac’s personality began to shine through. The center described him as “a big softy at heart” who loved to play.

However, adopters apparently didn’t see it that way. While the shelter tried to find Big Mac a new home, he was constantly passed over, until he became the shelter’s longest resident.

No one understood why Big Mac couldn’t find a home. But after 260 days at the shelter, he finally had a breakthrough.

Lauren said that a shelter volunteer decided to take him in as a foster, and Big Mac quickly made himself at home. Seeing how much he fit in, including getting along with the foster mom’s other dog and cat, she eventually decided to make it official.

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After a longer-than-usual wait, Big Mac finally had a forever home. It was a big day at the McKamey Animal Center, and as Mac finally left for his new home, his old friends gathered outside to say one last goodbye.

And in a special, heartwarming moment, the shelter workers gave him a standing ovation:

Saying goodbye to a dog you’ve cared for for so long can be a bittersweet moment, but they were all happy to see this lonely dog finally find a loving home — especially since it was with one of their own volunteers.

“Although we will miss him, we know he will be well taken care of and absolutely spoiled in his new furever home,” the McKamey Animal Center wrote on Facebook.

We’re so glad Big Mac finally found a good home, and it’s so sweet to see his friends give him such a nice send-off.

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