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Love At First Sight For Vet Tech Who Saved Bait Dog From A Life Of Abuse

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A couple of Good Samaritans found Calvin, a Pit Bull mix, wandering the streets with a severe leg injury. The poor pup is believed to have been used as a bait dog by dog fighters, which means he was used to test the tenacity and aggression of larger, stronger dogs. It was clear these abusers did not care if Calvin lived or died. The couple that took him in wanted to seek veterinary care to save him, but were quickly overwhelmed with the cost – estimated to be over $10,000.

That’s when they started a GoFundMe (Warning: very graphic images on the GoFundMe page) page and relinquished him to Corinne Manley, a veterinary technician at Blue Pearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital in Spring, Texas. Manley says it’s clear that Calvin has found a permanent home with her. The GoFundMe page has significantly exceeded the budget needed for to cover the medical costs, with generous people everywhere chipping in to help.

Image source: Corinne Manley | GoFundMe

According to Manley on the page, “He was found with very extensive wounds on his entire body, but most noteablly on his rear legs. He is requiring signicant wound care and also has a chronic achilles tendon laceration that is not reparable. This will require fusion of his right tibial tarsal joint (ankle joint) and if not successful, the amputation of his right rear leg. He is heartworm positive and will require heartworm treatment. He is the sweetest boy and just wants to be loved and held.”

Image source: Corinne Manley | GoFundMe

So what will happen with the money that goes above and beyond the cost of Calvin’s treatment? Manley states, “With any money left over, we also want to help dogs like Calvin and who share similar story’s. Dog fighting is a crime and people who paticipate should be punished. Calvin is lucky that he survived and we want many other dogs to have similar success stories, until we can find a way to stop this tragedy. Funds will be withdrawn and put into a savings account for Calvin until he is completely cared for. Any left over will be kept in Calvin’s saving account for others who share his story.”

Image source: Corinne Manley | GoFundMe

Thankfully, Calvin has found a loving forever home that will make sure he recovers to the best of his ability. Regardless of how many legs he ends up keeping, we know he’ll be loved and cherished for the rest of his life – just what he deserves.

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“I think he’s going to be stuck with me,” Manley said.

Dog fighting is a terrible activity that needs to be stopped and we’re grateful that Calvin was able to escape with his life.

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