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Police Dog Stabbed In The Line Of Duty Is Making A Full Recovery

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A Fresno Police Dog named Argo was fighting for his life after a run-in with a violent criminal. After being stabbed by a suspect and attacked by another dog, the Fresno Police Department feared they would lose one of their own.

Officer Sturgeon and K9 Argo responded to a call involving a man holding a woman against her will. After discovering the suspect in question already had warrants out for his arrest, the duo drove to the scene in an attempt to bring the man into custody.


When officers approached the suspect’s front door, Carlos Castanos ran out the back door and immediately jumped the fence. Waiting for him was K9 Officer Argo, ready to stop the man in his tracks.

Just as K9 Argo approached Castanos, the suspect allegedly pulled out a knife and began to attack the K9 Officer. Not only did the suspect lash out on the dedicated K9, but so did his dog. Even with sustaining injuries from a deadly weapon and an aggressive dog, K9 Argo stayed engaged throughout the incident.


After de-escalating the situation and freeing Argo from the suspect and dog, Officer Sturgeon rushed Argo to a nearby animal hospital for life-saving care.

“Officer Sturgeon reacted immediately and was able to get K9 Argo the medical care he needed all while under a strenuous situation! They both are to be commended. I want to personally thank each and everyone of you that has been keeping them as well as our unit in your thoughts and prayers! It is so truly appreciated!” – Fresno Police K9

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K9 Argo underwent emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and repair his extensive wounds. Officer Sturgeon’s quick actions gave Argo a chance at a full recovery, along with the skilled team at the animal ER.


“He was transported for medical care to one of the local pet ER’s. The staff was absolutely amazing with his care! He underwent surgery for his wounds and per the doctor should make a full recovery!” – Fresno Police K9

Argo is now resting at home and longing for the day he can return to work. He recently had the drain tubes removed from his wounds and is set to have his sutures removed in the next week. If all goes well, K9 Argo should be back to work in no time!


If it wasn’t for K9 Argo’s bravery, Officer Sturgeon could have been seriously injured in this scuffle. We are so impressed by Argo’s dedication to his job and wish him a speedy recovery!

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