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Hero Dog Sees A Boy Being Swept Away In The Water And Jumps In To Help

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Man’s best friend strikes again, and this time it was to save a young boy whose life was on the line. The kid was swimming in the sea at Port Noarlunga when he was suddenly swept out away from shore. He couldn’t swim back and quickly became exhausted. He needed a hero.

Source: 7NEWS Australia/YouTube

Max the Staffordshire/Bulldog mix happened to be at the beach that day already wearing his life jacket, and he noticed what was going on. So this brave hero dog didn’t hesitate to dive in and swim all the way out to try and help!

Source: 7NEWS Australia/YouTube

Max finally reached the boy who was able to grab ahold of the dog’s vest to be guided back to solid ground. Wow! Rob, Max’s owner, was so caught up in the moment that he didn’t think to get the boy’s name but would love to hear from the family to know how the child is currently doing.


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