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Formerly Neglected Rescue Dog Is Smitten With Her Human Baby Brother

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There’s something so pure an innocent about friendships between dogs and children.

When formerly neglected rescue dog Nora met her newborn brother Archie, she took comfort in his sweet demeanor and they’ve been inseparable ever since!

You may remember Nora and Archie from a story we published last year. Now a couple years after meeting, the English Pointer and now-toddler are still as close as ever.

According to PEOPLE Pets, when Nora was saved from horrific neglect, she still bore the marks of her nightmarish past. Chain burns wrapped around her neck and urine stains covered her feet, and it’s no surprise that the poor pup was easily startled.

That’s certainly not the case anymore!

From the beginning, Nora’s humans, Michael and Elizabeth Aporius, saw something special in her.

“She was sweet, kind and gentle, and we knew we could give her the life she deserved,” Elizabeth told PEOPLE. “It took her a while to get over her general skittishness, but with time, love and patience, she became the happiest dog ever, except for her fear of thunderstorms and fireworks.”

The pup, who’s now 10-years-old, was adopted by the couple before they had children. While she loves everyone in her family, she became especially bonded with Archie as soon as he was brought home from the hospital two years ago.

“As a baby, Archie rarely cried or caused a fuss — he was very laid back,” Elizabeth said in the story. “Nora clearly responded to his calm, gentle demeanor, never wanting to leave his side for a moment. She’d even curl up to sleep next to him whenever she had the opportunity.”

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The family includes three children and a handful of rescue pets, but Archie and Nora’s friendship stands out as something truly special. The best friends spend nearly every moment together and have garnered thousands of fans on Instagram. It’s no surprise — look how precious they are!

Little Archie certainly seems to have a gift with animals, don’t you think? We’re so glad that Nora is now living her dream life with her loving family! Follow them on Instagram @wellettas.

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