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Mom Wailed Loudly For Her Pup That Clinged To Life, As People Just Walked By

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A mother’s love is like no other. For a sweet dog who was responsible for a litter of pups, her world came crashing down when one of them was severely injured. Likely from a stray dog attack.

video source/Animal Aid Unlimited

The puppy later named Toggle, lay helpless on the street while his mother cried and cried, begging for help. Finally, someone listened. Animal Aid Unlimited got the call about the injured baby and rushed to the scene. Many mothers are too overcome with worry and grief to understand that the rescuers are there to help. But not this mom. Her intuition immediately kicked in and she allowed the rescue worker to pick up Toggle and bring him to the medical center. Mama stayed behind to care for the rest of her litter. Resources are scarce and the medical team had to focus on Toggle.

video source/Animal Aid Unlimited

At the center, Toggle was cleaned up and his wound was tended to. He couldn’t walk due to the severity of his wounds. He had to rest and heal, and of course, build up his strength.

video source/Animal Aid Unlimited

The team took excellent care of Toggle. And he made tremendous strides, quickly. The adorable pup was certainly brave. Once Toggle recovered, he was brought back to someone who missed him dearly. When his mom sees him, prepare for the waterworks! Mom and son are both elated!

video source/Animal Aid Unlimited

Once Mama is done nursing her pups, the medical team will bring her in to spay her. For now, the little family is just happy to be back together. Mama’s cries, although heartbreaking, were heard! Her precious son is alive today thanks to the kindness and big hearts of Animal Aid!

video source/Animal Aid Unlimited

Watch the entire moving story below! Thank goodness for happy endings!

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