Kaley Cuoco Adopts Giant Senior Dog After Losing Her Best Friend

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At actress Kaley Cuoco’s home, there’s always room for more rescue dogs! She and her husband Karl Cook have more pets than they’d care to admit, but this past year hasn’t been easy. They recently said goodbye to Norman, their long-term companion, and Petunia, their recently adopted senior dog.

For most families, that would deter them from adopting more, but the animal lovers only waited about six months before bringing in a new family member. Their newest addition is a 9-year-old Mastiff who’s full of love!

Image: @kaleycuoco/Instagram

Meet Larry!

Cuoco spent 14 beautiful years with her Pit Bull named Norman. Her production company is even named “Yes, Norman Productions” after him. Losing Norman left one of the biggest holes in her heart, and she knew the only way to fill it was to help another dog in need.

Recently, Cuoco turned to Instagram to introduce her newest family member. She and Cook decided to open their hearts to a giant senior dog named Larry.

Image: @kaleycuoco/Instagram

“When you know you know! Welcome to the family, Larry!” Cuoco wrote on Instagram. “He’s a 9 year old ginormous mastiff chunk mutt of love and we are obsessed.”

In her post, Cuoco made sure to thank Paws for Life K9 Rescue, shelter photographer Rita Earl, and Larry’s loving foster family. Cuoco also shared a series of photos with the new lovable canine.

Image: @kaleycuoco/Instagram

Always Room for More

Cuoco’s home currently has a goat, a bunny, about 20 horses, several dogs, and more. Yet, she can never say no to more animals in need. Despite being a massive dog, Larry has plenty of space to adjust and feel comfortable in his new home.

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In Cuoco’s photos, it looks like Larry already feels at home with his forever family. He loves to cuddle and give kisses. Cuoco even jokes that he’s as big as a horse. Although she shared a photo of him meeting one of her horses, and he’s tiny in comparison. Cuoco also shared a photo of Larry going for a walk with a few of her other dogs.

Image: @kaleycuoco/Instagram

Senior dogs are often the most overlooked at shelters and rescues, but they can make the best companions. Cuoco has adopted several dogs in their senior years, and she’s a huge advocate for rescue dogs in general. If you’re looking to bring a new furry family member home, consider meeting the older ones first. They have the most love to give.

Image: @kaleycuoco/Instagram
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