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Couple Receives Surprising Gift from Dog Food Company Following the Death of Their Two Dogs

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It seems that companies all want to make a profit without any regard for the consumer or their feelings. However, one company has shown that empathy and compassion still exist in this world.

A woman named Laura Waltenburg recently made a Facebook post about how her sister and brother-in-law just lost two dogs in one weekend. They both loved these dogs very much, and it was a tragedy for their small family.

What’s worse is that before the passing of the dogs, the couple had ordered two big bags of dog food that are 40 pounds each. Since their dogs are no longer alive, they wanted to send the dog food bags back to the Chewy company and get a refund for them.

Most people might assume that a refund would be impossible in this situation. Fortunately, Chewy was more than understanding about their sad and painful ordeal. That is why they did something completely generous and unexpected.

Not only did Chewy refund the full amount of the purchase price back to their credit card, but the company requested for the couple to donate their unused bags of dog food to the nearest animal shelter instead of sending them back.

Chewy also requested for the couple to email them an image of one of their lost dogs because the company wanted to honor the dog in a memorial book. And if that wasn’t generous enough, Chewy sent the couple a beautiful set of flowers.

Now you might wonder why this couple got such special treatment. Well, actually, Chewy has been this generous with other pet owners who’ve lost their pets as well. Their entire corporate culture revolves around caring for their customers and showing empathy when they lose a pet.

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The Facebook post that featured this story received more than 11,000 shares. People just love to read about stories of generosity and kindness, especially when it comes from a company.

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