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Tiny baby falls asleep in Goldendoodle’s paws and makes the world fall in love

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There is too much hate and negativity in this world right now. That’s why people turn to social media and the internet, especially now that most families and households are in home quarantine.

This is the “new normal” now. It leaves us with no other options; we need to just accept and deal with it. That’s why we badly need a daily dose of good vibes and positivity to cope with the depression and anxiety the pandemic has brought us.

And speaking of good vibes, this baby and his Goldendoodle will certainly make you fall in love with them!

A Goldendoodle from Brooklyn, New York is taking the internet by a storm, and his name is Samson.

This furry pooch is a social media star, and his humans have made him his own Instagram account named “samsonthedood.”

There, he showcases pretty much everything about his daily adventures, and his account holds a whopping 705K followers!

Of course, part of what makes Samson so famous is his tiny best friend.

Our internet-famous dog has a pal named Theo. He is the infant son of Jessica and Alex, who are also Samson’s humans.

Theo is also featured on Samson’s Instagram, and it even looks like they share the same account because his adorable face can be seen all over the dog’s social media profile.

The two are just so cute that your eyes will never get tired of staring at them. They are just like siblings because they get to share almost their entire day together. And they are a bundle of joy!

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They love doing one thing together more than anything else, though; sleeping!

If you have already given their social media account a visit, you’ve probably noticed the one thing that they love doing together above all else is cozying up with each other for a snooze.

That’s right, Samson and Theo love to sleep together.

Just by looking at their account, it shows that the two love to snuggle, cuddle, and nap together.

Theo loves and finds comfort in Samson’s thick, long fur, and who wouldn’t? It’s the perfect place to cozy up for a trip into dreamland.

It’s so cozy, in fact, that curling up next to his Goldendoodle is more effective at putting him to sleep than even a lullaby!

When you take a look at how sweet this Goldendoodle is, there’s no wondering why Theo just has to be near him.

“The Goldendoodle is a “designer dog,” a hybrid dog breed resulting from breeding a Poodle with a Golden Retriever. Like all other designer “breeds,” this Doodle is not truly a breed of its own, but is a crossbreed—and in this case, a cross that is enjoying growing popularity,” as described by Dogtime.
It goes on to say that a Goldendoodle bares all the lovable traits one can expect from both breeds.

“Affectionate, intelligent, and low-shedding, these dogs inherited some of the best traits from their parent breeds. Good for novice dog parents and experienced canine families alike, you’d have a hard time finding a more loving companion.”

One thing is certain. The internet has fallen in love with Samson and his tiny human.

There’s no question about Samson and Theo’s bond.

Although he’s still an infant, Theo is obviously attached to his Insta-famous Goldendoodle pal and they have this unexplainable connection.

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Thanks to this connection, Samson and Theo are giving people some good laughs and smiles, and we all need more of that in our lives right now.

The video of them curled up with each other, Theo fast asleep in his Goldendoodle’s paws, is guaranteed to hit you right in the feels.

To see the moment that has made the whole internet swoon for this infant/Goldendoodle cuddle sesh, watch the video below.

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