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Frail Puppy Discarded At Garbage Dump Poked Her Head Out Of Box To Ask For Help

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A dog rescue in Cartagena, Columbia, called Manejo de Fauna Callejera, received a call regarding a very sick and weak dog who had been abandoned in a garbage dump.

The poor pup was unable to move and had been there for several days before she got help.

Paws 4 Hope/Youtube

Rescuers immediately went to the area to help this tiny dog, who they named Carbonella.

Upon closer examination, they realized just how bad Carbonella’s condition was. Not only was she extremely malnourished, but she also had open wounds all over her body and suffered from nasty mange that made her lose most of her hair.

Paws 4 Hope/Youtube

Within her scabby skin were mites and a staph infection, which was extremely painful.

Rescuers rushed her to the vet for further testing and treatment. In addition to being malnourished, she was also dehydrated and suffered from severe anemia.

Paws 4 Hope/Youtube

Despite the awful life she’s lived at the hands of cruel people, she was still very friendly, sweet and trusting of humans.

After being treated at the hospital, she was brought to a local rescue, where she was finally able to sleep in warm bed and play with other dogs.

Paws 4 Hope/Youtube

From there, she went on to live in a loving foster home, where her personality blossomed. Soon after, she was adopted into an amazing family, where she is extremely happy and looks like a whole new dog!

Watch her amazing transformation in the video below:

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