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Car Paralyzed Dog As She Went Into Labor, Mama & Baby Cling-On And Ask For Prayer

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One thing is for certain: there is nothing like a mother’s love. For one dog, named Flower, basics were hard to come by. As a stray, she struggled to care for herself. Adequate food and shelter were hard enough to come by. But then Flower was hit by a car causing significant damage to her hips and rear legs. The dog laid down in pain, and while she waited for the pain to pass, something amazing happened.

Flower gave birth to puppies! Even though she could hardly move herself, she still tried to care for her new babies. She did her best to clean the puppies off and get them to nurse. But her injuries were extensive. Flower struggled and the puppies were not going to make it.

Source: Flower’s rescue story via Rescue Dogs

Finally, by some miracle, a local rescuer heard about the dog and her babies and rushed to help. Flower was brought to the closest animal clinic and endured a six-hour long surgery. While Flower continued to rest and recover, another sweet dog stepped in to care for the puppies. Even though she wasn’t their biological mom, she still nursed them and loved them.

Source: Flower’s rescue story via Rescue Dogs

Even though Flower’s surgery is successful and her health improves, her story is far from over. Due to infection and lack of immediate medical care, two of the three puppies passed away. It’s devastating and every human involved in Flower’s case weeps for the precious souls.

Source: Flower’s rescue story via Rescue Dogs

Only one puppy remains but she is also sick. Flower continues to recover, but without her baby. Her puppy must remain in intensive care. Flower and her baby’s survival is a miracle in itself. As they both fight to live, they need our prayers. Can you send some their way?

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