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Tiny Puppies Jump All Over Giggling Baby, Attack Him With Their Hugs And Kisses

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When it comes to making friends, Baby Louie is definitely a champ!

The tiny toddler’s parents had their minds blown away as they watched their kid effortlessly befriending 2 adorable Pug puppies.

They instantly knew this was an extraordinary moment they just had to share with the world!

Source: pugsnkisses84/YouTube

In this video, we see the little puppies parading around the delightful baby and pestering him for his attention.

Baby Louie, sitting pretty in his bright blue onesie, eagerly welcomes the puppies’ company and lets them kiss him, sniff him and climb all over him!

Source: pugsnkisses84/YouTube

The sweet baby never hesitates even for a moment as he grabs the puppies with his tiny hands and pulls them in for big, mushy hugs.

It’s a real stress buster to watch this trio all over each other like the best of mates!

But the best part of this video has to be Baby Louie’s contagious giggles as he lives it up with his super clingy furry team! Pure bliss!

Source: pugsnkisses84/YouTube

It’s quite obvious that Baby Louie is going to have a blast growing up alongside his affectionate puppy siblings.

Babies and puppies might be the most harmless creatures on their own, but together they become a lethal unit ready to slay the world with their cuteness!

Click the video below to watch Baby Louie living it up with his adorable puppy siblings and do keep your volumes up for his delightful giggles!

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