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Man Adopts Dog With Cancer So He Can Experience A Loving Home In His Final Days

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This dog, now named Thanos, was diagnosed with cancer, which rapidly spread to his head and caused a massive tumor.

Sadly, Thanos went through four different families who all rejected him because they could not deal with his cancer.


Eventually, he ended up with 21-year-old Luciano Karosas, of Berazategui, Argentina, who adopted and welcomed the pup with open arms.

He wanted to care for him and show him unconditional love during his final days on Earth.


The hardest part of adopting him was getting used to the idea of how little time they’d have together, but Karosas knew it would be worth it.

Karosas brought Thanos to the vet, hoping for good news, but the vet explained that there was no treatment that can extend his time.


“I came out with a piece of my heart in my hand,” Karosas told Portal Amigo Cao.

If it weren’t for the tumor on Thanos’ head, you would never know he has cancer. He still runs around and plays just like any other dog, and is happier than ever.


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