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Rescue Dog Falls In Love With Over 60 Foster Kittens

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Raylan the rescue dog loves kittens. His mom, Laura Tindal, has fostered over 60 different kittens over the years, and Raylan bonds with every single one. Many of the kittens love the sweet dog in return, and they even follow him around like he’s their mom. Raylan will groom them, snuggle them, and even carry them places. Tindal never expected her sensitive dog to be such a cat lover, but he takes care of the kittens even better than she can. So, she began documenting his interactions on Instagram, sharing many cute photos and videos of Raylan with his adorable foster children.

Love at First Sight

When Raylan was a young dog, he was at a high-kill shelter, set to be euthanized. He was overlooked because he had a lot of energy and he wasn’t trained. Even so, Tindal decided to take a chance on him. She couldn’t let him die, so she adopted him. As it turns out, all he needed was a little patience and love.

ow, Raylan is one of the smartest, most well-trained dogs you’ll ever see. He’s constantly learning new skills, including turning off light switches and fetching beer for his mom. It’s heartbreaking to think that amazing dogs like him are euthanized every day.

After saving Raylan’s life, Tindal wanted to continue to make a difference for animals in need. So, she decided to try fostering kittens that had been abandoned or surrendered. Their first foster kitten was named Winston, and Tindal was unsure how Raylan would react. Winston was tiny, so she hoped her dog wouldn’t mistake him for a chew toy.

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To her surprise, Raylan fell in love with the little kitten. It was like a motherly instinct kicked in, causing him to want to care for Winston and play with him as much as possible. Despite being a giant compared to the little fluff ball, Raylan was extremely gentle. He was always extra careful around the sweet kitten. Luckily, Winston was adopted by a neighbor, so Raylan can still hang out with him often.

Since their first foster experience went so well, Tindal decided to continue fostering kittens.

Every time Raylan met a new kitten, it was like love at first sight.

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