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Cocker Spaniel all smiles after rescuers remove 5+ lbs fur in first haircut

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We love our pets, and when we love them, it’s only natural to dote on them…or spoil them rotten. Unfortunately, that’s not always the treatment that some pets get. For instance, you or I might consider giving our dogs a bath to be pretty routine. While we might not have them groomed on the daily, most of us will, at the very least, make sure their hair is brushed and rat-free. Sadly for a sweet Cocker Spaniel named Bazel, that wasn’t the case.

This may have been the Cocker Spaniel’s very first haircut!

Luckily for Bazel, his kindhearted rescuers came along to save him from the shelter he was living in. With one look you can see that this little pup was not comfortable. Imagine having long hair and never combing it. Sleeping on it every night winding it tighter and tighter. Until one day you go to move and it feels like someone or something has grabbed a hold of your hair with two hands and began to pull.

Source: Camp Cocker Rescue

We can only fathom that this is just a glimpse into what Bazel must have felt like. The matting was so bad that groomers were forced to sedate him to even begin to remove the heavy matting of his fur.

Once they got started with the clippers they knew they were in for a job.

Source: Camp Cocker Rescue

It took four of them, two and a half to three hours to remove the matting from the tiny Cocker. They worked and they worked, being as careful as they could possibly be. The fur was coming off in huge chunks! Not sure we’ve ever seen a dog so matted up before. According to his rescuers, it was one of the worst cases of matting they had ever seen. It’s truly tragic that a human being could ever let a pet get this bad.

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The rescuers guessed that it had been at least five years or more since anybody had even tried brushing his fur, much less getting him groomed.

By the time they were all done trimming him up, they had removed 5.4 pounds of matted up fur.

Source: Camp Cocker Rescue

Wowza! Looking at the size of this little doggy, that must have been at least a quarter of his total weight. After Bazel wakes up and is coherent, he seems to be feeling much better and even smiling!

We can only imagine what it felt like to be weighed down by so much filthy, matted fur. There’s no question that his haircut made him instantly feel like a new dog.

Source: Camp Cocker Rescue

The rescuers took him to a boarding facility in hopes to find him a wonderful new forever home.

It took a little bit for Bazel to settle in and start to trust humans again. After about a month or so Bazel started to open up. Finally, one of the rescuers reaches out and to scratch his chin and he gives in to her. She is so excited that he is letting her scratch him. She goes on to say “I’m so honored.”

You can tell by the tone of her voice in the video below that she is truly honored and feels so lucky that he has shown her love in return for her affection.

Source: Camp Cocker Rescue

This would be the turning point for Bazel and his rescuer, Cathy Lopez – a volunteer with Camp Cocker Rescue. They were both falling in love a little bit. Cathy decided to foster Bazel while they all worked on finding him a forever home. She felt like he deserved and would do better in a home environment and not back in a facility, and she was right.

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Bazel adjusted to Cathy’s home and lifestyle quickly.

Before the rescuer knew it, the sweet Cocker Spaniel was snuggling up to her for treats and pets. Even though he was adapting pretty quickly, there seems to be one hurdle he just couldn’t overcome. Unfortunately, it’s an important one.

Due to his apparent neglect, Bazel was never socialized as a puppy. As a result, he continues to have issues with getting along with her other dogs. For this reason, Cathy isn’t able to keep Bazel for herself, although she would love to.

Source: Camp Cocker Rescue

As you can see, the adorable Cocker cleans up pretty nicely.

Though he isn’t a good fit for families with other pets, he is the perfect dog for a family without them. If you think you’d be interested in opening up your home to this loving little dog, you can learn more details and apply to adopt him at Camp Cocker Rescue.

To see Bazel’s amazing journey to recovery from trauma, both physical and emotional, watch the video below. There is no question that Cathy and the rest of the team are true hero’s and deserve all the best that this world has to offer, just as Bazel does. Kudos!

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