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Pint-Sized Rescue Pups Help Their Dad Out Of Dark Place & Heal His Broken Heart

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Alex rescued Onyx and Branco from a really bad breeding situation when they were just eight weeks old.

They were extremely scared and lethargic, and their tiny bodies were covered in fleas.

Alex gave them a bath to get rid of the fleas, which helped them feel better. He then brought them to the vet, where he learned that Branco was sick with Parvo.

Due to him having Parvo, everyone had to be quarantined, and the other dogs had to keep away from him since it is highly contagious among dogs.

Alex and his partner stayed up through the nights for two weeks straight to care for Branco. They never got any sleep, but it ended up being worth it because Branco wound up beating Parvo!

Onyx and Branco meant a lot to Alex, who had just lost his beloved Chihuahua, Milo, a few months prior. After Milo passed away, Alex told himself that he couldn’t get another dog.

But when he saw the pictures fo Onyx and Branco, he knew he had to adopt them.Alex has a void in his heart from the loss of Milo that will never be filled, but Onyx and Branco have definitely helped him feel better.

They saved him from a very dark place, and he never expected to be this happy so soon.

As time passed, the tiny pups began breaking out of their shells and were much more playful. They were feeling so much better and with that came confidence and trust.

The best part is that the two of them share a very special bond and they will get to grow up together. They are constantly playing with each other and cuddling and are completely inseparable.

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You can keep up with Alex, Branco and Onyx on TikTok at @alexander_skyy.

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