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Good Samaritans Follow Stickly Figure Down The Street Where Dog Falls By A Car

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A stray puppy was found on the streets of Dumaguete, Philippines, looking for all the help she could get. The dog was super skinny and had next to no fur left on her body. But some kind people would help get her to a rescue. She was so scared at first but desperately needed help, so she submitted to them.

Source: Paws 4 Hope/YouTube

Peanut would end up testing negative for distemper back at the animal hospital but had a very weak immune system. But it wasn’t long until she got a foster home to begin her physical and mental healing! She started chowing down on her food showing off a good appetite, a great sign!

It would be a long recovery process and journey for Peanut, but her improvement was noticeable. It was easier than ever to get better surrounded by love and support with a nice bed to sleep on! ?

Within one week, she’d put on a healthy amount of weight. And three weeks later, most of her fur had grown back. But now after two whole months, Peanut doesn’t even look like the same dog. See her today in the video below!

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