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Dog Was Dumped And Left Tethered To A Railing With Some Pizza And A Note

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A dog was abandoned in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by being tethered to a railing and left with a sad note and a few pieces of pizza. Thankfully, the pup was spotted by Justin Hanley as he was walking out of his front door. The man saw the dog eating the pizza and found the note tucked under the doormat.

Source: East Falls Rants

The note said: “Please take me home. I’m a girl named Diamond. We can no longer keep her in our home. Thank you.”

Source: East Falls Rants

Justin wouldn’t be able to keep the dog, but he took her to his backyard and hit up the Facebook page East Falls Rants.

Source: East Falls Rants

It was then that Don’t Bully Us Rescue in southern New Jersey would volunteer to help out. They quickly found the sweet dog a foster home with retired Army special forces officer Chris King who renamed her Serenity.

Source: Chris King

Serenity quickly fit in with the nine other dogs, seven pygmy goats, Chris’s girlfriend, and four human brothers and sisters!

Source: Chris King

The dog was eventually adopted and went on to a forever home, but it didn’t work out. She missed Chris and his family too much and was returned to them. ?

Source: Chris King

Chris would then permanently adopt Serenity so they’d never be apart again! What a happy twist for the dog who so very much deserved one. ?

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