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Meet Blaze – a pure black Labrador who’s a little different from all the rest

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Santeri Friedlander was shocked when his pure black Labrador retriever’s fur started changing color, and it’s not because of he’s a senior.

Blaze is a very smart and outgoing Labrador Retriever who went viral because he has Vitiligo.

He’s already 10 years old and has been living with his beautiful family in Finland.

Just this last April 25, 2020, Santeri shared a photo of Blaze to Dogspotting Society where the doggo instantly became an overnight superstar. Today, the post already has 32K reactions and 1.2K shares.

This Labrador retriever was born with pure black and shiny fur and, as he grew older, it became even more beautiful and healthy.

Blaze’s age didn’t slow him down. Though he may be 10 years old, he’s active and happy! In fact, he remains to be a playful old pup and still loves running through the woods, swimming, and of course, playing with snow.

Last year, Santeri noticed something different about Blaze.

He noticed a small white patch on Blaze’s ear. It was odd but Santeri thought that it was just because Blaze is aging. He’s already 10 years old and he just thought that it was normal to have small white patches of fur.

In just a few months, the patches of white fur seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

It gradually turned Blaze’s fur from black to white!

“At first, we thought it was just aging, but the white color started to come more and more month by month,” Santeri Frilander said to his interview with The Dodo. “Other dogs in the same litter have remained one color.”

In no time, Blaze’s face has turned almost white!

Then it started spreading throughout his body and that’s when they realized that this is definitely not a part of the aging process.

Soon, Santeri found out that Blaze has a skin condition called Vitiligo.

Dogs and even cats can develop Vitiligo.

With this condition, their skin starts losing the pigments they once had– thus resulting in their fur turning white.

In some cases, this condition also means there are other medical issues to be diagnosed. Though, Blaze is said to be very healthy and active for his age.

This condition has given this Labrador retriever a new level of attractiveness.

The way the white fur mixes with his black fur is amazing!

He may look different for some but for his family, he’s still the same playful and sweet Blaze they always knew.

He is actually unique and very handsome too, don’t you agree?

“Vitiligo is just a cosmetic thing,” Santeri Frilander said to The Dodo. “Blaze is a good example of how difference is beautiful.”

Blaze is happier than ever!

Right now, he’s being adored by many and he just enjoys being the center of attention!

Did you know that this beautiful dog already has his own Instagram account? He has more than 4K followers and is still growing!

“Blaze is very kind and gets along with everyone,” Frilander said. “He is always happy and wants to be in the spot where something is going on.”

His fur might have changed colors but for Blaze’s family, he is still the same dog that they’ve always known and loved!

Blaze’s story teaches us to embrace being unique and to see that we can be different and beautiful at the same time.

To see more of this beautiful dog on his adventure with dad, follow him on his Instagram account!

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