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Dr. Travis Gets Emotional During Tribute To His Senior Rescue Dog

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Thinking about losing your dog is something that can easily make any dog parent sad. Even if you know your dog doesn’t have much time left, it’s still difficult to talk about their death without tearing up. People without dogs might not understand, but Dr. Travis Stork from the show The Doctors understands more than anyone. He had his rescue dog, Nala, for 17 years! So, losing her broke his heart every time he thought about it. Then, when his co-workers showed a surprise tribute to Nala on the show, Dr. Travis got extra emotional. After all, Nala meant the world to him.

On the show The Doctors, they planned to talk about Nala during one of the episodes. Dr. Travis was more than happy to discuss his furry friend, but he never expected to see an emotional video. They planned a video for him, showing all the beautiful moments he and Nala had together. To top it off, they even had someone narrate for Nala, telling Dr. Travis what a wonderful dog dad he is.

Of course, seeing this emotional video caused Dr. Travis to burst into tears. He adopted Nala 17 years ago, and he knew she was nearing the end of her life. They had been through so much together, and they had gone on so many wonderful adventures. Nala was not just a dog to him, she was his four-legged child.

Over the years, Nala made many appearances on the show. Not only was she well-cared for and beloved by her dad, but everyone adored her. She met so many people and impacted so many lives during her time on Earth. Seeing the video made Dr. Travis extra emotional because of how many hearts she’d touched. Plus, the uncertainty about when she would pass away was scary for him.

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One of the other doctors on the show, Dr. Andrew Ordon, had lost his Bulldog named Lulu only a year earlier. He gave Dr. Travis plenty of advice and told him that it’s best to remember our loved ones that have passed away instead of forgetting them. Even a year later, Dr. Ordon still misses Lulu greatly, so he knew exactly what Dr. Travis was going through.

A Tribute to Nala

Not long after taping the emotional episode, Nala passed away. Even though Dr. Travis saw it coming, it still broke his heart. Losing her made the video from the show even more emotional for him afterward, but it was still a beautiful tribute to his family member.

“Preparing for the end, and yet not having their funeral until it comes – it’s a bit of an emotional roller coaster,” said Dr. Travis. “She is who I wish everyone could be. I just think about all the people’s lives she has touched. She’s just so sweet, it melts my freaking heart!”

Over the course of 17 years, Nala and Dr. Travis had been through everything together. Nala was even with him before he became a doctor. She helped him through the toughest moments in life and she was always there to cheer him up. After all, he gave her a loving place to call home and took amazing care of her year after year.

Even though Nala’s passing was extremely hard for Dr. Travis, he didn’t let that affect his love for dogs. He has since adopted a dog named Charlie, who is now another important family member just like Nala. He also encourages many other people to adopt too because he knows how much it can change your life and the dog’s life too.

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