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California veterinarian is treating homeless people’s pets for free

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We often see homeless people together with their pets on the streets. Seeing them and not being able to help them can be upsetting.

The burden doubles on their homeless owners, especially if their fur buddy gets ill. They will, without a doubt, give the little that they have just to provide for their pet’s needs, often leaving nothing for themselves.

But someone with a huge heart for animals realized this situation on the streets – and he is now on a mission!

A veterinarian is done waiting for patients to come in, so he decided to go to them instead.

Dr. Kwane Stewart is a 49-year-old veterinary practitioner in California who genuinely cares about every animal.

He has so much love and passion that it made him try to save every stray animal. He used to make this his mission before becoming a vet.

Kwane is a regular veterinarian for over 20 years now, but one day in 2007, he found out that there’s a tremendous number of ill and untreated animals.

“I’d been practicing high-end medicine for clients who could pay for everything. But suddenly I was thrown into this economic war and people couldn’t even afford to help their pets,” Kwane told CNN.

Having the right tools and a positive mindset, in 2011, Kwane started to put up a soup kitchen for the homeless.

Apart from that, he also offered checkups of their pets – free of charge! This act of kindness received an overwhelming response!

“Before I knew it, I had a whole line. There was something about it that I loved. I did it one more time before I decided to just take it to the street and walk to homeless people instead of waiting for them to walk up to me,” Kwane said talking about his soup kitchen.

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But his mission for a “change” doesn’t stop there.

He realized the importance of his service and the impact that it would have, so he decided to treat animals on the street, one step at a time.

Kwane started spending his weekend on the streets.

He offered his services to homeless people’s pets asking nothing in return. He successfully passed on the message of his mission and people from areas all over the city came to him with their pets in need of medical attention. Because of this, he quickly became popular and was known as “The Street Vet.”

Most animal conditions and injuries can be treated on the spot. However, if his patient requires more attention and love for complete treatment, then Kwane offers extended help by paying the medical bills. What a guy!

He pays for most of his services using his own money.

On some occasions, he will ask for help using his GoFundMe page if the treatment gets pricey. “The Street Vet” and his unmatched love for animals has gone a long way!

Dr. Kwane has given his service to almost 400 animals in his 9 years of working as a street vet. He even has his TV show now, and it’s titled “Dr. Kwane: The Street Vet.”

Homeless people often get discriminated against and they face it almost every day, but the good Dr. Kwane wants to change this misconception of people.

“These homeless people take care of their pets even better than we do. When they own a pet, it engenders this generosity. They always make sure their pet is fed. Medically is where they need help,” he said.
Each pet should be treated equally and nobody deserves to lose a fur companion just because they can’t afford treatment.

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Dr. Kwane is an amazing, selfless man and he doesn’t wear a cape just to be considered a hero, but we are sure that the entire California region sees him as one.

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