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Cat Gets Emotional When He Is Reunited With Blind Dog & Runs Over To Greet Him

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Jasper the cat always shared a very amiable bond with Coco the blind dog who lived next door. Coco loved spending most of her time hanging out with “the cool cat who looked out for her”. Unfortunately, Coco had to move away because one of her humans found a job in another city.

Coco was sad to leave her feline best friend, but she knew that the playful cat would be fine without her. But in reality, Jasper completely fell apart after Coco left. She didn’t understand why her friendly puppy had “disappeared”, and she spent most of the day waiting for her at the door!

In this video, we see the delicate moment when Jasper and Coco see and smell each other after more than a month! We see Jasper still waiting by the door with his eyes peeled when Coco walks in with his human all of a sudden. The old friends are overwhelmed with emotions and they freeze at being in each other’s presence!

Jasper finally collects himself and reaches out to his blind best friend. He nuzzles at her neck while Coco kisses his little companion as they embrace each other! Dog and cat relationships are often prejudiced as hostile, but this video proves that they can get along just fine and love each other unconditionally!

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