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K9 dog poses in his own police uniform for ID photo

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K9 police dogs do so much for their communities. They are invaluable in tracking down missing people, catching bad guys and comforting people in need.

They really are a true part of any police department… all they’re missing is the uniform. But on picture day, one spiffy K9 suited up with an official uniform of his own.

Chico is a five-and-a-half-year-old German shepherd who is part of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. According to The Dodo, he serves as a patrol dog and a drug K9.

Like most dogs, Chico doesn’t wear clothes. But when the day came for the department to take their ID badge photos, Chico knew he had to dress up for the occasion.

So, the department made him his very own uniform shirt, complete with a badge and insignia.

“He even wore a tie for the photo,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

The adorable pic soon went viral on social media. People couldn’t get enough of this dressed-up K9.

Chico lives with his handler, Corporal Robert Lees, and has been part of the force for over four years.

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He’s become a favorite of the staff over his career, and they were thrilled to see him getting so much recognition—and looking so nice doing it.

“K-9 Chico is a valued member of our team and we were thrilled to see his picture bring smiles to so many faces,” Bailey Myers, the sheriff’s office spokesperson, told Today.

“He has been a member of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for four and a half years but in dog years this photo celebrates 35 years of dedicated service.”

What a great photo! It’s a professional photo worthy of this heroic dog. Keep up the good work, Chico!

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