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Disabled Chihuahau abandoned by owner wonders if she’ll ever know love

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Being dumped is probably one of the most painful things that will ever happen to a dog or to any animal.

It is a sad reality for thousands or millions of them. This is something they fear and that they would never want to happen to them.

An example is this poor Chihuahua. Fate turned against her when her humans disowned her, despite having a disability.

Her name is Daffodil and she was dumped and found in a cardboard box when she was still newborn.

People would often pick her up only to dump her again when they saw her disability.

The tiny Chihuahua is missing both of her front legs. Poor pup.

When the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SF SPCA) discovered her tragic story, they didn’t think twice before helping her. They knew that they had to give her what she deserved; love.

The SPCA care members saw nothing but her beauty.

They didn’t see her disability, but her brave and beautiful soul instead. With so much love and care, it didn’t take long for her to cope with life.

Daffodil started to actually live. She turned into a curious and playful pup.

They were amazed by what they saw from the tiny pooch. They witnessed with their very own eyes that she’s a brave and soulful dog.

So, to help her even more, they decided to get Daffodil her very own set of custom-made wheels!

Daffodil’s journey to living a normal life was not easy – not at all.

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The video below shows what she had to go through before actually getting her custom set of wheels. She underwent many hardships, but she wasn’t fazed by any of it.

Her wheels were a perfect fit and when she finally put them on, everyone knew that it was the start of a new life for her.

Daffodil was so happy with her new wheels, she stumbled and fell at first but it didn’t stop her from trying to walk and run with them.

She then got the hang of it and learned to walk seamlessly with the strapped-on cart.

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