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Sad senior dog with massive tumor finds zest for life in new forever home

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“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu

“He was old as dirt.” Those were the hurtful words that came from Holden’s previous owners. The poor senior dog was taken by the police and, sadly, he was surrendered to a kill shelter.

No one deserves to be treated this way!

“He just looked so sad and defeated” said Melissa, the person who rescued Holden.

Melissa knew she had to do something, she had hope for Holden and wanted to do the best she could to help this dog. After checking him, they found out that he was extremely malnourished and he even had a seven-pound tumor located in his torso that was attached to his spleen.

This made Holden sick and gave him a terribly hard time breathing. Sadly, the senior dog was in terrible shape.

Seeing that Holden refused to give up, however, Melissa decided that she would do everything within her power to save old dog.

They took Holden to a surgeon who was able to successfully remove his spleen and the tumor! Thankfully, the insanely large tumor weighing him down turned out to be benign.

Amazingly, after the said operation, everything went well and Holden started getting back to his old happy self again. He recovered fast!

Melissa decided to foster the senior dog and she was happy to be able to be there while the brave boy recovered. He had so many friends in Melissa’s home and she made sure that Holden felt that he was part of the family!

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Melissa shared with The Dodo how Holden was getting along with everybody. From her 3-year old daughter to her 15 foster dogs, and even to her husband, there wasn’t a single place Holden would wander where he wasn’t met with love.

According to Melissa, Holden is very gentle and he even gets along with the family cat. He is a beautiful dog inside and out.

When Holden was well enough, it was time to find his forever home and for Melissa, she wanted to make sure that she would find a home that the senior dog deserves.

Then she met Carole. She said that since the beginning, she has been following Holden’s story and she admits that she wanted to meet him and was a huge fan. Melissa and Carole met and Holden showed affection towards his potential new mommy.

“I’m really excited and anxious. It’s like Christmas morning,” Carole said to The Dodo.

Carole fits the criteria in every way and she already has her own Lab-mixed dog named Elway.

Melissa knew that she was the perfect candidate and soon enough, everything was finalized and Holden was taken to his new forever home!

Upon entering his new home, Elway greeted Holden by sniffing him. The two beautiful dogs seemed to immediately get along; Elway even seemed to be showing Holden around his new digs.

What’s funny was that Holden immediately took over Elway’s bed and food bowl, but it seems that Elway didn’t care. He was happy to have the old pup as a brother.

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Holden’s start in life wasn’t easy. In fact, it was heartbreaking, but life has a way of giving you hope even in the toughest situations.

Now, beautiful and gentle Holden has found his forever home and is now happy.

An amazing life is now unfolding before him. A life that he surely deserves. To learn more about the sweet senior dog’s journey to find the family he was always meant to have, watch the touching video below.

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