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Terrified Homeless Dog Cowers In A Corner, Growls At Anyone Who Comes Near

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“Hope For Paws” received a call from Cheryl Cook about an unapproachable growling dog wandering in her neighborhood. When a rescue team arrived at the location, they quickly spotted the dog, later named Holly, shivering uncontrollably out of fear in an isolated corner. Holly’s body language suggested that she had shut humans away after enduring severe abuse or trauma.

As rescuer Eldad Hagar approached Holly, the terrified pooch growled and warned him to stay away. When he extended a catchpole toward her, Holly lost her patience and straight up threatened to bite her rescuer. After some tense moments, Eldad managed to put the noose around the dog’s neck.

However, the real struggle began after that. Poor Holly was so scared that she was ready to bite the fingers off anyone who dared to pet her. Eldad knew dogs like Holly would only get euthanized in the shelter, so he grabbed a blanket as a shield and began a near-impossible exercise to gain her trust!

Eldad patiently worked with Holly and assured her of his love until she eventually saw that her rescuer only meant well. Our eyes welled up with tears as we watched a quivering Holly bravely putting her fears aside and finally nestling herself in Eldad’s lap!

Watch this video till the end to see Holly’s amazing transformation just weeks after her rescue. After learning to socialize with humans and other dogs, sweet Holly soon found the forever home of her dreams! Go Holly!

Click the video below to watch how Eldad compelled Holly to give up her fears and learn to trust humans again!

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