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This Rescue Group Had To Fake An Abused Dog’s Death To Rescue Her From Her Owner

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In some countries, a purebred dog is a status symbol. Depending on the dog’s breed, purebred dogs can cost a lot of money. Egypt is one of those countries.

You may think that since purebred dogs are expensive, their owners would take better care of them. But that wasn’t the case for this one-year-old Pit Bull named Lucy. Lucy’s owner was cruel and heartless. He beat up Lucy almost every day. One time, he beat her so hard, kicking her and striking her repeatedly with a brick until both sides of her jaw were broken.

Source: SNARR via The Dodo

When a rescue group in Cairo heard about the abuse, they headed to the man’s house to rescue Lucy. But shockingly, the man wouldn’t give Lucy up. No matter how much they persuade him, he wouldn’t let go of poor Lucy.

The rescue group had to get more help to rescue Lucy, so they contacted Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation (SNARR), a US-based animal rescue.

Lucy was getting medical attention for her broken jaws and injured body. And at that time, the rescue group in Cairo devised a brilliant plan to get Lucy out of her owner’s reach, because if they didn’t, Lucy would continue to suffer. Plus, with her jaw in the condition that it was in, she would most likely starve.

So to take Lucy away from her owner, the rescue told the owner that Lucy had passed away while getting medical attention. And with Lucy’s owner out of the picture, they put Lucy on a plane to JFK.

Source: SNARR via The Dodo

When Lucy was taken to the hospital in the United States, they found out that she also had an infection in her mouth, causing her to have terrible-smelling breath. After the infection was treated, Lucy was taken to an orthopedic specialist to fix her broken jaw.

Source: SNARR via The Dodo

Lucy needed to wear brace for a while to straighten her jaw, hold it in place, and so the bones would bond properly.

Source: SNARR via The Dodo

Lucy was hurt physically, but emotional trauma cuts the deepest. Thankfully, Lucy found a loving foster mom who mended her broken heart and showed her what it’s like to be loved and cared for.

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With the combined effort of the Egyptian rescue group, SNARR, the doctors, and Lucy’s foster mom, Lucy was able to smile again.

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Lucy is now in her forever home, with a family in Arizona! We are so happy to hear that she is finally being treated with love and care, just like she deserves.

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