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‘Ugly’ pit bull that no one wanted finally finds a home after long wait

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All shelter dogs are waiting to be adopted, but some unfortunately end up waiting longer than others.

The sad reality is that oftentimes, people decide on their new pet based on appearance and often opt for the cutest puppy available, overlooking some of the more unconventional-looking dogs.

But these dogs deserve love, too… like this good boy who spent years waiting for the right forever home, but finally got his happy ending.

Meet Wally the pit bull:

Wally doesn’t look like your ordinary dog, to be sure. But he’s had a rough life and is just looking for a family to spend his final years with.

Wally was first brought to the Town of Islip Animal Shelter on Long Island, New York, he was a stray and already nearly 10 years old.

He also had some health problems, including a skin infection and blindness in one eye, according to The Dodo. This all gave poor Wally an appearance that the shelter worried would turn potential adopters away.

However, he proved to have a wonderful personality and became a favorite of the shelter workers.

“He loves to slobber on you and will do anything for some food,” veterinary tech Danielle Gorle told The Dodo. “He also likes to just hang out and not do anything.”

“Wally is an amazing walrus/hippo/rhino dog that really just needs a home that accepts him and to spend his golden years in!” Jen, a shelter volunteer, wrote on Facebook.

“He is a little mush and volunteer favorite.”

Sadly, many visitors to the shelter failed to see the beauty beneath. Wally has waited a year to find a new home with no takers. He needed to be the only pet and is not good with other animals.

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And the shelter says the rejection began to take a toll on his wellbeing.

“He seems to be declining,” Gorle said. “He was happier when he first came in. He likes when he gets to go out but he seems depressed in his kennel.”

But Wally’s story has a happy ending.

About a month after he went viral and we first reported on the dog, the shelter announced that Wally had finally found his forever home!

“He is relaxing comfortably and looks great!” the shelter wrote.

We’re so happy for Wally! All dogs deserve a loving home, no matter what they look like.

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