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Homeless Mama Dog Seen Walking Around With Her Lifeless Pup In Search Of Help

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Hope For Paws received an emergency text about a homeless Pit Bull who gave birth out on the streets and was found carrying a lifeless pup around in her mouth looking for help. This baby was gone, but she had six others she still needed to care for. Rescuers arrived on scene to see the mama protecting her young ones behind a bush.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

Mama was very scared and protective of her babies and didn’t want to come out. But Eldad was able to coax her with the gentle snare. They worked on gaining her trust before rounding up all of the dogs to get back to the hospital. But Jade still seemed worried even while surrounded by all of her pups. So they knew something was still wrong.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

The next day, they got a call from Stephanie who said a neighbor admitted to taking a puppy home to keep before realizing they had made a mistake. They asked to please get the pup back to its mother.

And now, eight weeks later with all of her puppies at her side, Jade is so much happier and healthier! They’re all currently being fostered by The Little Red Dog until they can find their loving forever homes. ?

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