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Dog punched in Florida park finds forever home with former foster dad

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There’s a happy update to share just days after a man was captured on video punching a sweet 2-year-old pit bull-Lab mix named Addison.

Addison found her forever home!

The Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control shared the exciting update on their Facebook Thursday afternoon.

What makes it even more exciting is Adi went home with her previous foster dad.

“It was a very exciting and emotional reunion for all involved!”

And not only was she reunited with her previous foster parent, but waiting at her new forever home was two of her puppies that were now all grown up.

Adi was shaved in order for vets to inspect her for bruising.

As of September 29, a criminal investigation in relation to the viral video was still underway. Boynton Beach Police have yet to announce any charges, but said on their Facebook page that any further information would be released when it became available.

At the time when Adi was surrendered, animal cruelty investigator Liz Roehrich observed two other senior dogs inside the man’s home, but said at the time that they appeared to be well taken care of.

According to the police, Roehrich will follow up to make sure that the other dogs are still being treated well.

While I am still concerned for the two other dogs in the man’s possession, I am incredibly happy for Adi, especially because she’s back with her foster parent and her puppies!

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