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Pitbull Puppy Left All Alone To Die In An Empty Parking Lot Defies All Odds

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When a helpless Pitbull puppy was abandoned inside a cardboard box in an empty parking lot, Shannon came to his rescue. Lucky for the pup, Shannon was an animal-loving dog mom who found him just in time. She took the starving and suffering puppy to the vet, and then brought him home to nurse him back to health.

In the video, you can see a man pull up in a pickup truck, grab a cardboard box from the bed of the truck, and ditch it in the parking lot. Shannon couldn’t resist checking what was inside, and was shocked to find the tiny Pitbull in terrible shape.

Despite his condition, Shannon never gave up on the puppy, and helped him heal with love, care, and attention. After a week, the puppy started to come out of his shell, and after three weeks, he was finally feeling safe and happy.

Today, the once-sick Pitbull has made a full recovery and has found a forever home with Shannon and her family. You can watch the inspiring video that tells his story and see how handsome he is now.

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