Taylor came across Ozzie through an advertisement seeking a new home for the puppy. The moment she met him, his charming personality and distinct heterochromia eyes won her over. Ozzie was full of energy, always ready for playtime and ran with lightning speed.

However, one day, Taylor noticed Ozzie limping and took him to the vet clinic immediately. The vet’s diagnosis was heart-wrenching – Ozzie had a tumor in his leg, causing osteosarcoma. The prognosis was grim, with Ozzie having less than a year to live, regardless of the treatment option chosen.

Despite the difficult news, Taylor chose the treatment that offered Ozzie the best chance for a longer life. Ozzie underwent leg amputation and went through five rounds of chemotherapy, which was tough on him. To reward him for his bravery, Taylor’s dad from out of state used Uber Eats to treat Ozzie with ice cream after each chemo session.

Aside from Taylor, Ozzie also has a canine sibling named Lulu who looks after him. Although she’s energetic, she becomes a calming presence for Ozzie when they cuddle together. Observing these two dogs together is sure to warm your heart. To find out more about Ozzie’s journey, keep reading.

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