Dogs are without a doubt the most devoted animals on the planet because they will go to any lengths to protect their parents. As many dogs waiting for their owners to return home for years, loyalty does not just mean guarding.

A dog was seen waiting for his deceased owner! However, Mexico is a country where murdering journalists occurs frequently!

One journalist was fortunate to avoid being shot when his attacker’s weapon malfunctioned! CGNoticias’ 47-year-old director general, Cordero Garca, claimed that he was informed he would be executed like a dog.

Thankfully, a miracle happened and the bullet from his attacker’s gun fell out, saving him! Thankfully, the assailant was detained because so many people showed up to support the journalist by keeping him in custody until National Guard arrived!

The journalist received a panic button for emergencies and was signed up for the “mechanism,” a government program to safeguard journalists. The state prosecutor’s office in Quintana Roo also launched an investigation.

Since four Mexican journalists were assassinated in January, we hope that situations like these won’t occur again! Here is the video.

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