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Kristen Bell Adopts Adorable Three-Legged Rescue Pup

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Actress Kristen Bell has fostered many dogs over the years, but now she’s ready to make one a permanent family member. The Good Place star turned to social media to share the good news. She adopted a small, scruffy dog named Whiskey.

Poor Whiskey only has three legs due to an accident with a truck, but he doesn’t need four legs to live his best life. The rescue pup is already getting along with Bell’s husband, kids, and other pets, so he’s clearly getting lots of love. As always, Bell encourages her fans to adopt because there are so many dogs out there who need forever homes.

Image: @kristenanniebell/Instagram

Ready for a New Family Member

In October 2020, Bell lost her beloved rescue dog named Barbara. Barbara was diagnosed with Giardia, and while the family hoped she would pull through, they ended up saying goodbye.

For the following five months, Bell fostered a few dogs, but didn’t know if she was ready to commit to another furry friend yet. After all, she thinks very highly of her pets and treats them just like she would with any other family member.

“I have treated all my dogs like my kids,” said Bell. “To me, they’re just kids I didn’t birth.”

So, when March 2021 rolled around, Bell decided that she was ready. She adopted Whiskey, who is already settling into their home.

Image: @kristenanniebell/Instagram

Welcome Home, Whiskey!

Bell used Instagram to share Whiskey’s adoption announcement. She shared three adorable photos of the pup, who is missing his back leg. But of course, that doesn’t take away from his cuteness!

“Meet Whiskey! Before he was rescued he got in a fight with a truck and lost (a leg) but who needs four legs anyway?” Bell wrote on Instagram.

In the first photo, Whiskey and Bell’s other dog Frank are peacefully curled up on her lap. Then, the next two images are close-ups of Whiskey, showing his true beauty. Many celebrities commented heartfelt messages on the post, including D’Arcy Carden, Zooey Deschanel, and Lucy Hale.

Image: @kristenanniebell/Instagram

Bell also added that Frank loves his new canine brother, and Bell’s two daughters adore him as well. She said her husband Dax Shepherd tolerates Whiskey, but like most new dog dads, he probably secretly loves the pup more than anything. Bell has always been a huge advocate for dog adoption so, this is just another example of why rescue dogs are amazing!

“I chose to adopt as opposed to going to a breeder because I wanted a family member, not a handbag,” Bell explained. “It should be less about the purchase and more about connecting with someone who also needs some companionship.”

Welcome to the family, Whiskey!

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