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Woman Cries As She Finds Her Dog Waiting In The Ruins Of Her Home After Tornado

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Authorities have confirmed that at least 8 powerful tornadoes have rocked Arkansas over the past week, 2 of which were potent EF2 tornadoes. The residents of Logan County were forced to run for cover when one EF2 tornado caused a trail of disaster in the area.

Residents Ona and Bruce Dunlap’s house was completely torn down to bits in the tornado. The Dunlaps recalled that their terrified dog, Dasha, had refused to leave the house during the storm. So while the family retreated to the emergency shelter, Dasha was left stranded in the crumbling house.

When the storm finally settled down, the Dunlaps rushed to their home to check on Dasha. Ona broke down in tears as she saw her pooch waiting patiently at the door amidst the haunting ruins. She ran to hug her dog and tearfully thanked the stars for keeping the helpless baby safe and sound!

The Dunlaps’ house is gone in the aftermath of the tornado, but they are glad that their beloved dog is unharmed. If you live in an area that is prone to storms, please keep an eye out for the extremely vulnerable pets. Let’s send our prayers to all the victims of the tornado!

Click the video below to watch Dasha’s heart-wrenching reunion with her mom after the storm!

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