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Best friends take in 19-year-old shelter dog and are making her last days magical

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Senior shelter dogs are often passed over by adopters, but these old dogs need love, too. All dogs deserve a loving home to spend the twilight of their lives.

Now, one sweet senior dog is going out with a bang, as two friends have given her a foster home and are dedicated to making the dog’s final weeks of life as special as they can.

According to 9News, Lauren Siler of Dallas, Texas heard about a 19-year-old shelter dog named Annie who was in need of a home. She wrote that the dog was “dumped at the shelter” by her previous owners.

It was looking like Annie would have to spend the rest of her life in a shelter, as vets didn’t give her long to live: “The vet had said she’ll be lucky if it’s a month,” Lauren told 9News.

But Lauren, along with her roommate and best friend Lisa Flores, were moved by Annie’s story that they decided to take her in as a foster. “I saw her sweet little face sitting in her poor little kennel,” Lauren recalled.

The two roommates began sharing Annie’s adventures on social media, and vowed to make the dog’s remaining time on earth as special as possible, setting up a “bucket list” of fun things Annie could do.

“Annie is about to have the best month of her 19years,” the fosters wrote on Instagram. “She will know love, she will be treated like a princess, and get lots of snuggles, ice cream, and hamburgers. When her time comes and she tells us she is done, she won’t be alone at a shelter.”

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Despite being only given a few weeks to live, Annie is still going strong months later — and has been having the time of her life.

She’s been treated to hamburgers at drive-thrus like In-N-Out and Whataburger:

She got her own birthday party:

Swam in a swimming pool on the Fourth of July:

Painted a picture:

And lately has been getting into the Halloween spirit:

In addition to her two fosters, Annie has gotten lots of love from people around the world as her story went viral.

Posts on her social media show the many gifts and letters people send to her.

“Some of her Instagram reels have had like 4.2 million views,” Lauren told 9News. “We had to get a P.O. box for her fan mail.”

Annie has lasted longer than anyone expected — maybe she’s just been having so much fun that she doesn’t want to quit just yet.

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But the fosters know that her time will come sooner than later — but in the meantime, they’re continuing to give Annie the time of her life.

“Until she’s ready to go, we’re going to let her keep living life,” Lauren told 9News. “It would have broken my heart more for her to have her last day in the shelter.”

What a sweet story. All dogs deserve a loving home to spend the rest of their lives in, and we’re so glad Annie has these two incredible friends to make her final days so special.

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